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If you Are Seeking Maximum Compensation, Hiring an Experienced Premises Liability Lawyer Sebastian, FL is Essential

Premises Liability Lawyer Sebastian, FLIf you or a loved one was injured in an accident on a property that did not belong to you, and you feel like negligence was the cause of devastating injuries, like broken bones, spinal injuries, or brain injuries, you may have grounds for a premise liability claim. 

It is important to have a premises liability lawyer Sebastian, FL trusts to review your case, determine if negligence is a factor, and if so, pursue damages against the liable party. You might not know where to turn to; however, please know that Tuttle Law Injury Attorneys are ready to help. Call our firm now for consultation. 

Understanding Different Types of Premises Liability

When someone gets hurt on your property, a lawsuit is bound to be forthcoming. Getting sued is an unwanted stressor, and losing could be financially disastrous. Keeping visitors safe has the added benefit of lowering the odds of such scenarios unfolding. Should one of the following happen at a spot where you bear responsibility, hire a premises liability lawyer in Sebastian, FL.

Slip and Fall Accidents

People expect areas designed for walking to be free of danger. When these spaces are insecure, unsuspecting individuals may get hurt. Snow and ice being on paths is a perfect example. Commonly traveled sidewalks must be sanded or de-iced. One slip could cause someone to hit his or her head, thus causing a traumatic brain injury. A broken back could create permanent immobility. Hidden electrical cords are another hazard. Combined with puddles, they deliver shocks that sometimes put people in the hospital. Other perils include wet floors and broken staircases. The attorneys at Tuttle Law recommend you place warning signs wherever menace may lurk.

Building Security Accidents

There’s no getting around the reality that burglars and scofflaws exist. Squatters sometimes take up residency where they have no right to set foot. Drug addicts aim to sell stolen valuables to support their habits. Mischievous teenagers think smashing someone’s property sounds like fun. Bumping into an unexpected intruder could result in physical conflict. Someone who gets hurt may argue an alarm system should have been in place or a security guard present. If police respond to an assault at a building for which you’re in charge, seek the help of a premises liability lawyer in Sebastian, FL.

Swimming Pool Accidents

In Florida, most homes have a pool. After all, the climate is especially conducive to taking a dip. Despite the joy that comes with private swimming holes, they’re risky. Many municipalities have ordinances requiring protective fences. Adults should never leave swimming children unsupervised, even for a minute. Friends of little ones are in the hands of guardians who may be less responsible than their own. A toddler drowning is a tragedy that could likely end up in court. Hire one of the legal eagles at Tuttle Law to be your voice during such a conflict.

Many types of premises liability exist. Full awareness of what could happen is the first step toward lowering the chances of injury and a lawsuit developing. The moment someone gets harmed at a space where you’re in control, speak with a legal representative about what may follow.

The Importance of a Premise Liability Lawyer

While most personal injury cases warrant the need for a lawyer, retaining one for a premise liability case is particularly important. This is because proving the alleged party is at fault is not always easy. Furthermore, it is rare for the owners or insurance companies to take responsibility for what happened. As a result, you may risk losing the compensation that you deserve. 

By hiring a Sebastian, Florida premises liability lawyer, the insurance adjuster will know that you are taking your case seriously. A lawyer can also help you to build a strong case – something that is often essential for a successful claim. An attorney may be able to help you by:

  • Investigating Your Case – A good premise liability lawyer in Sebastian, FL can investigate all of the details of your accident. Copies of the report, photographs, and your medical records can be reviewed. If there were any witnesses, they may be contacted for a sworn statement. If a witness cannot be located, a lawyer may have the skillset to find them. In the event of investigators, or other third parties being needed, a lawyer can turn to their expert witnesses and resources for assistance. 
  • Identify All Liable Parties – Sometimes a case will involve multiple liable parties. This is important, especially when the damages are significant. By identifying all parties, there is a good chance that you will receive a full settlement. 
  • Value Your Claim – The right lawyer, such as one from Tuttle Law Injury Attorneys will be able to review your case and estimate what it is worth based on its strengths and weaknesses. Their experience in similar cases can also make a difference in the outcome of your own case. 
  • Negotiate Your Settlement – A lawyer may be able to recover a larger settlement than you would be able to do on your own. A lawyer knows how to anticipate what the adjuster might argue in an attempt to reduce or deny your claim. Through this knowledge, proper strategies can be devised to overcome any disputes. An adjuster might also be fairer during negotiations, especially if the lawyer is known to take cases to trial. 
  • File a Lawsuit- When negotiations are not successful, a lawsuit can be filed by your premises liability lawyer in Sebastian, FL. This is something that almost certainly requires the expertise of a lawyer. 

What Is an Attractive Nuisance?

As a property owner, you have some liability when anyone comes on your property, whether you
invite them or not. One situation in which you might have legal issues is if your property contains
an attractive nuisance.
Knowing what constitutes an attractive nuisance can help you to avoid a bad situation. If you are
already dealing with a problem, you should seek help from a premises liability lawyer in
Sebastian, FL.
Defining Attractive Nuisance
Under Florida law, an attractive nuisance is anything that would tempt a child to come onto your
property. Specifically, this includes any type of food storage appliance, such as a refrigerator, and
other appliances with doors that shut, such as washers and dryers. It also includes anything with
a door that seals shut.
Other common items you may have that could fall into this category are anything that a child
might want to play with, such as a pool or a tractor. The item would look like something fun or
interesting to a child and make him or her want to come onto your property to see it and explore
Do note that the attractive nuisance law doesn’t apply to adults in most cases. The court will
usually not hold you responsible for injuries to an adult trespasser.
Protecting Yourself
The best way to deal with attractive nuisance issues is to remove whatever is the problem. That is
not always possible, though.
The next best thing is to restrict access to prevent a child from getting to the item. For example,
you could put a fence with a locking gate around your property. You could also remove the doors
from appliances or keep vehicles locked.
Defending Yourself
If you are already in a situation where someone is taking you to court, you should first secure a
good premises liability lawyer in Sebastian, FL. When crafting your defense, it helps to know
when the law considers you liable.
To be liable for an injury due to an attractive nuisance, you must know the hazard exists and
understand it could be a danger to a child and you should have tried to limit access. In addition,
the court weighs whether removal or other measures to keep the child safe would be more of a
burden than the risk to the child.
Wrapping Up
The attractive nuisance law considers the fact that everyone should look out for children. They
are one of the most vulnerable groups and need adults to help them avoid trouble. One of the
best things you can do is put up a fence or remove anything that could harm a child from your
property, and seek help from a premises liability lawyer in Sebastian, FL, if you are having issues.

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