Bicycle Accident Lawyer Sebastian, FL

If Bicycle Accident Lawyer Sebastian, FL - Night Ambulanceyou were hurt in a bicycle accident, you may want to speak with a bicycle accident lawyer Sebastian, FL residents prefer for their exceptional quality of service, . You may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer from Tuttle Law, P.A. can help you pursue a timely claim against the negligent party.

Common Damages in a Bicycle Accident Case

Bicycle accidents can cause serious injuries and affect your life for a long time. Here are some common damages in a bicycle accident case.

  • Medical expenses. Bicyclists lack the protection of a vehicle, so they are more likely to suffer serious injuries in accidents, such as broken bones, back injuries, lacerations and head injuries. That is why they must seek medical attention immediately. Bicycle accident victims may be able to obtain compensation for their doctor’s visits, hospitalization, physical therapy, surgeries and other medical expenses.
  • Lost wages. Some bicycle accident victims sustain such serious injuries that they must take time off work to recover. In this situation, they may be entitled compensation for their lost wages.
  • Property damage. When a vehicle strikes a bicycle, it is very likely that the bicycle will get damaged. Since a bicycle is considered personal property, accident victims may be able to recover compensation for bicycle repairs and replacement costs.
  • Pain and suffering. Bicycle accident victims can also suffer long-term physical and emotional injuries. For example, you may have trouble sleeping because of chronic pain or develop severe anxiety. As a bicycle accident lawyer in Sebastian, FL can confirm, pain and suffering damages are more difficult to calculate than lost wages and medical bills.

Consulting a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you want to pursue compensation for your bicycle accident injuries, it is a good idea to consult a bicycle accident lawyer. A lawyer can assess your case and help you determine all the parties responsible for the accident. He or she can help you gather evidence, identify witnesses and negotiate with the insurance company. With a skilled lawyer on your side, you have a higher chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

During your first consultation, remember to bring any documentation pertaining to your accident, such as a police report, photos of the accident scene and medical records. The more information your lawyer has to go on, the better he or she can help you.

Contact a bicycle accident lawyer in Sebastian, FL from Tuttle Law, P.A. to discuss your case in detail.