Slip and Fall Lawyer Sebastian, FL

Turn to A Slip and Fall Lawyer Sebastian, FL for Immediate Legal Help

Slip and Fall Lawyer Sebastian, FL

Have you slipped and fallen at a premise that was not your own? Did you suffer injuries that you believe could have been avoided had it not been for the negligent actions of the property owner? If so, calling a Sebastian, FL slip and fall lawyer may be in your best interest. 

Slip and Falls in the United States

Over the last twenty years, there have been a number of controversial slip and fall cases which has resulted in doubt being cast upon victims. Because of these unique challenges, hiring a slip and fall lawyer Sebastian, FL right away is a good idea. The truth is there are nearly 800,000 slip and falls in the United States every year that require hospital treatment. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Spinal injuries, neck injuries, head injuries, hip injuries, and broken bones are the most common types of incidents. These accidents can be very painful and usually involve the need for ongoing treatment, as well as extended recovery time. 

Sadly, many of these accidents were avoidable but happened because of negligence or wrongdoing. When this is applicable, utilizing a good slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL may be able to help the legal process. 

Tuttle Law Injury Attorneys offers our clients aggressive legal representation. Through due diligence, as well as careful strategy and precise utilization of resources, we are prepared to hold any responsible parties liable for what happened. We know this is a difficult time for you. Count on us for unwavering dedication and commitment to your legal case. Call a slip and fall lawyer Sebastian, FL has to offer now. 

Questions To Ask a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Seriously harmed individuals know that physical recovery can be slow and painful. Paying medical bills alone is a stress point, to say nothing of the ongoing physical and mental anguish. Winning restitution for injuries requires heading into court. Choose a slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL, by presenting the following questions.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?

The attorney you choose should be an expert in slip and fall cases. Someone without a history of litigating such accidents won’t know what details may arise in the heat of battle. Find out whether the representative you’re considering has dealt with clients whose situations were similar to yours. Don’t be shy about asking to see the attorney’s track record. This information can be a tipping point in deciding whom to hire. Further, you want someone who’ll be sympathetic. Lawyers with a history of working slip and fall cases are more likely to understand your emotional status.

How Long Do I Have To File a Personal Injury Claim?

Statutes of limitations exist on all types of legal actions, including slip and fall litigation. Filing your lawsuit must happen before a specific deadline for it to be accepted. The legal professional you’re speaking with should be able to tell you when your time will run out. The representatives at Tuttle Law are diligent about making sure every case they handle meets the filing requirements.

What Do You Need To Build a Case?

Slip and fall cases are a form of personal injury known as premises liability. There is the expectation that property owners keep their grounds safe for all who pass through. When unsafe conditions result in someone getting hurt, the victim deserves compensation. The attorneys at Tuttle Law can explain to a judge why an area was dangerous and caused the plaintiff’s suffering.

No matter how good the attorney representing you may be, it is impossible to win without evidence of wrongdoing. Police reports, medical evaluations, and workplace accident forms may be vital to securing a courtroom victory. Have your slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL, look at these records and evaluate whether there is proof that may withstand a jury’s scrutiny.

Suing someone for slipping and falling requires experienced legal representation. Without a knowledgeable, professional attorney by your side, the odds of convincing a courtroom of your story are low. Hire someone who gets your situation and is passionate about fighting on your behalf.

Compensation in a Slip and Fall Accident

Some slip and falls are accidents. They do not involve any negligence. In this case, your own insurance company will likely cover everything. Other times, the accident was preventable but happened because of negligence, reckless behavior, or carelessness. When this is true, compensation for the following may be available:

  • All related medical expenses
  • Prospective medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation or therapy
  • Loss of income 
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium

After the accident, you may be contacted by the insurance adjuster who will have questions for you or would like an official statement. They might offer you a fast settlement on the spot. You might be asked to sign a waiver, or you may be blamed for what happened. You are encouraged to avoid signing anything. You should also not talk to the other side’s insurance company. Realistically, calling a slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, Florida should be the first thing you do. 

I Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in a Slip and Fall. Can I File a Claim?

Most people associate a slip and fall with broken bones or muscle strains. Some of these accidents can result in worse injuries, such as a head injury. These kinds of injuries are broad and may include a mild concussion to bleeding on the brain. Some lives will be forever changed, and there will be those who do not survive the accident. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury in a slip and fall, you should consider talking with a slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL to discuss the possibility of recovering compensation. 

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

The brain is cushioned by a protective fluid that prevents it from colliding with the skull. However, in a hard impact or jarring motion, it is possible for the brain and skull to collide. This can result in a traumatic brain injury. Also known as a silent injury, many go undiagnosed when improper, or lack of, testing. In serious incidents, an undiagnosed TBI can be serious or life threatening. 

Symptoms of a TBI vary greatly. For example, a mild concussion might not give way to life threatening symptoms. Seeing a doctor is recommended just in case. Mild symptoms of a TBI include:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Brief loss of consciousness
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Ringing in the ears

A moderate traumatic brain injury might include the above symptoms, in addition to:

  • A persisting headache or migraine
  • Seizures
  • Slurred speech
  • Vision problems
  • Memory loss
  • Numbness in the limbs
  • Confusion
  • Delirium
  • Unusual behaviors

Please do not delay in getting medical attention for your TBI. Even if you think you are okay, you should have a doctor assess you. If your head injury happened because you slipped and fell, speaking with a Sebastian, FL slip and fall lawyer is advisable. 

As a leading lawyer for slip in falls in Florida, we know of many cases that resulted in a TBI because of:

  • A child fell at a friends house and hit their head on the corner of a table
  • A client fell at a store and knocked their head on a shelve
  • A person stripped on uneven carpet and hit their head on the stairs
  • An elderly person slipped and landed on their back and head

3 Common Errors in Slip and Fall Accidents

1. Waiting Too Long To Make a Claim

Depending on the accident, you may be tempted to just deal with your injuries and keep going with your life. Of course, this doesn’t last long. Eventually, the constant pain and related health problems make you wish you had filed a lawsuit, but by then it may be too late.

Why should you contact a slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL, as soon as possible after an accident? First, because it increases the amount of evidence your lawyer can gather for your case, such as surveillance camera footage, eyewitness testimony and similar records.

Also, there is a statute of limitations for slip and fall claims. You can’t sue for injuries that happened a long time ago, even if the effects are just starting to appear right now.

2. Accepting the First Settlement Offer

If it’s bad to wait too long to file a claim, then settling as soon as possible is a good thing, right? That’s not quite true.

While you shouldn’t put off your legal case, you also shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to settle. The first offer the insurance company makes is often very low.

Why does this happen? Sometimes, the insurer wants to see if you know how much your case is worth. Other times, the insurance company is trying to play hardball, hoping you’ll just take the low offer instead of fighting for more.

The good news is that having a slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL, can usually let you avoid this problem completely. Insurers tend to take clients with lawyers more seriously.

3. Trying To Do Everything Yourself

Trust us, injured patients can’t balance medical treatments and legal matters at the same time. Both things require complete attention because of the different steps needed.

The best solution is to let our team at Tuttle Law coordinate your legal case while you focus on recovering. This is better for your physical and emotional health, and it’s better for your case as well.

How can your slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL, help? Well, you’re still in charge of making the most important decisions, but your lawyer can offer smart recommendations. 

At Tuttle Law, we can negotiate with the insurance company, represent you in court, gather evidence and take care of countless other details in your case. We explain all of your options and point out the pros and cons.

FAQs About Slip and Fall Injuries

What Are Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. From Walmart to cousin Wanda’s kitchen, from the mall to the playground, slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of injury.  According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and falls cause of 1 million emergency room visits a year,. Causes of slip and fall accidents include broken up sidewalks, wet floors, icy steps and torn carpet.

What Should I Do After My Slip and Fall?

You should first seek medical treatment, especially if you hit your head when you fell. If you think you may have sustained a head or neck injury, don’t move until medical professionals can secure your spine. Once your medical needs have been taken care of, you may want to speak with a slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL, such as Tuttle Law, to see if you have cause for a lawsuit.

What Kind of Damages Could I Recover After My Fall?

You could recover both economic and non-economic damages after your fall. Economic damages are those with concrete numbers attached to them, such as medical bills, lost wages, lost future wages and ongoing medical care. Non-economic damages are harder to quantify. They’re things such as pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life. Your slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL, can give you more information on the types and amounts of damages you could potentially receive.

How Can I Sue My Friend or Family Member if I Fell at Their House?

You don’t want to sue your friend or loved one if you fall at their home. But your medical bills are adding up. What are you to do? It’s simple. You don’t sue your loved one; you sue their insurance company. Slip and fall accidents are usually covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies. The money doesn’t come out of your friend’s pockets, so you can take that emotion out of the equation.

I Fell on a Neighbor’s Steps; She Rents Her House. Who’s Responsible for Paying My Damages?

This is a great example of a complex case where a slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL, could help answer. Depending on what her lease says, it could be her, or it could be her landlord. It could even be a third party like a snow-removal service that her landlord contracts with. 

These examples are just a few ways for which a TBI could result from a slip and fall. As you can see, these accidents can lead to a number of injuries, some of which involve the head or brain. Regardless of what happened, we would like to talk with you about your slip and fall case. If you are the loved ones of a person who is currently unable to talk with a lawyer (because of incapacitation) or who died, we would like to help you understand what your options might be. Call our firm today. 

If you are ready to find out how a lawyer can help you, call Tuttle Law Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. We will listen to what happened and help you to understand the next steps to take. Call a leading slip and fall lawyer in Sebastian, FL today.