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Uber Accident Lawyer Vero Beach, FL

At Tuttle Law, P.A., an Uber accident lawyer Vero Beach, FL residents trust knows that taking rideshare is a popular way to get around. While most people will reach their destination safely, some will not. As a leading law firm for rideshare accident victims, our team has been helping individuals and families recover compensation for their injuries and losses. If you were involved in a rideshare accident, call us or send an email today. 

Can I Sue Uber?

As a member of our legal team might explain to you, it is possible to file a lawsuit or claim against a rideshare company, like Uber. However, in practice, this can be challenging and largely depends on a certain set of circumstances being applicable. 

To sue Uber, at least one of the following will need to apply to your case:

  • You were the passenger of an Uber car.
  • You were the occupant of another car that was hit by an Uber car.
  • You were a cyclist, pedestrian, or another person who was hit by an Uber car.
  • You were the victim of an assault by an Uber driver. 

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Recovering Damages in a Claim

Like any personal injury claim, it will be up to you and your lawyer to build a case on facts; these include:

  • You did not cause the accident or you are minimally at fault
  • You were injured as a direct result of the collision
  • You have suffered economic losses because of the accident

Uber’s Accident Policy

When it comes to suing Uber after an accident, you should know there is a 1 million dollar policy available to injured victims. However, in order to benefit from this policy, at least one of the following must apply:

  • The Uber driver is logged into the app
  • The Uber driver is on the way to pick up a passenger
  • The Uber driver is taking a passenger to their destination

When the driver is not logged into the app or is not transporting anyone, they are not working for Uber. If an accident happened at this time, it is almost certain that you won’t be covered by Uber’s policy and only the driver’s own insurance policy. If you are unsure about what applies to you, please call Tuttle Law, P.A., to talk with a Florida uber accident lawyer in Vero Beach promptly. 

If another party is at fault, such as the driver of a different car, it may be possible to file a claim against them. In some cases, multiple parties will be sought for compensation. If possible, you should get the contact information of anyone involved, as well as any witness details. 

Actions to Take After the Uber Accident

When it comes to taking a quick lift somewhere that you need to go, a normal day can turn scary when the driver or another motorist acts irresponsibly. If you have been a victim of a Uber accident, know that you are not alone. Here is some more information that will help you understand the actions you can take when it comes to filing a lawsuit:

What do I do immediately after being in an Uber accident?

If you can, instruct the Uber driver to move the car off to the side of the road so you are not in the way of oncoming traffic. If you are physically able, get out of the vehicle to see if the other motorists are safe. Call the police so they can write a report, and once the police report is filed, ask for a copy at your local law enforcement office. 

 You’ll also want to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Most victims think they have to wait to see a doctor until their lawsuit has started, but this is untrue. So even if you don’t have any outward injuries, get yourself checked out!

Is there anything I shouldn’t do after being in an Uber accident?

Yes, it is advised not to speak to the Uber driver or other related parties without a lawyer present. You’ll only want to speak to the police officer on the scene, and no one else. This is because emotions can run high during this time and it can be all too easy to self-incriminate without even knowing. Contact a lawyer as soon as you can; they’ll work as your legal advocate and respond to any requests and queries from the defense and insurance companies on your behalf.

 What happens if the Uber driver does not have car insurance?

This happens quite often, despite Uber requiring drivers to have insurance, and if the Uber driver is not insured, you do risk having to pay for your own personal damages. With this in mind, it is important to invest in an uninsured motorist policy which is a simple add-on to your own insurance. Doing so will give you peace of mind in case the worst happens.

 Additionally, your lawyer may be able to help persecute the Uber driver or other motorist for not having adequate car insurance. In most states, it is illegal not to carry liability insurance of some kind, and Uber driver deserves to be held responsible for their actions.

 What should I bring when I visit a lawyer?

Try to bring as much evidence as possible. Photos of the scene, witness testimonies, insurance claims, medical bills, and the police report are all helpful and can help to build a solid personal injury claim. There is no such thing as too small of a piece of evidence, so if you question if something is worthwhile, bring it to show to your lawyer anyways. You never know what can help! 

 Being a victim of an Uber accident is scary, but you don’t have to be alone when holding the other driver responsible for their actions. You deserve to get compensated fairly, so do not hesitate to contact Tuttle Law, P.A. today for a consultation.

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Uber is a multi-million dollar company with its own team of lawyers. They intend to settle claims for the least amount possible and could make your situation more complicated than it should be. As soon as you have been injured in an Uber accident, you should call Tuttle Law, P.A., for a consultation. An Uber accident lawyer in Vero Beach, Florida can help you to explore your rights and options, so call Tuttle Law, P.A., now.