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If you’ve recently been charged with a crime, it’s important to speak to a criminal defense lawyer in Sebastian, FL promptly. A criminal conviction carries heavy penalties, so you should have someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side. A lawyer can provide you with a strong defense and protect your rights.

Questions You Should Ask a Lawyer

If you’re facing criminal charges, your next step is to schedule a consultation with a criminal lawyer to discuss your case. Here are some important questions to ask during the meeting.

Does your law firm focus on criminal defense cases? One of the first things you should find out is whether a lawyer focuses on criminal defense cases exclusively or handles other types of cases too. If the lawyer practices more than criminal defense, he or she might not have the specific experience you’re looking for. A lawyer who handles exclusively criminal cases will be more likely to provide you with a strong defense.

Do you have experience defending my charge? Not all criminal lawyers have the same type of experience. Some specialize in defending DUI cases while others focus on theft cases. It’s important to hire a criminal lawyer who has specific experience defending your charge. For example, if you’re facing a DUI charge, you’ll want to work with a lawyer who has extensive knowledge about chemical testing and field sobriety testing.

How many cases are you currently juggling? Although it’s important for a criminal defense lawyer in Sebastian, FL to be busy, you don’t want him or her to have a very caseload. If a potential lawyer is juggling too many cases, he or she might not be able to give your case the attention it deserves.

Do you have trial experience? Believe it or not, not every criminal lawyer has trial experience. While many criminal cases get settled out of court, there’s always a chance yours could go to trial. For example, if the prosecuting attorney won’t offer you a fair deal, it may be in your best interest to go to trial. As such, it’s critical to hire a criminal lawyer who has plenty of experience taking cases to trial. He or she should feel confident defending cases in front of a judge and jury.

If you have a criminal charge against you, schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Sebastian, FL today. At Tuttle Law, P.A., our lawyers are ready to help you.

What do Do After Getting Arrested

Getting arrested can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of your life. However, what you do and say afterward can have a big impact on your case. Here are several things you should do after getting arrested:

  • Remain silent. One of the biggest mistakes you can make after getting arrested is saying too much. Even if the police ask you questions about your case, you don’t have to answer them. You have the right to remain silent. Tell the police that you don’t want to talk to them without a lawyer.
  • Be polite. Although you don’t have to give the arresting officer information about your case, it’s still important to be polite. Even if you’re innocent of the crime you’re being accused of, cooperate with the police officer. If you argue or try to flee, it could make the situation worse.
  • Hire a lawyer. If you are accused of committing a crime, it is critical to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Sebastian, FL on  your side. Depending on the type of crime you are charged with, you may face heavy penalties, like prison time and fines. A skilled lawyer can build you a strong defense and protect your legal rights.
  • Do not accept the first plea bargain. The prosecuting attorney may offer you a plea bargain soon after you have been charged with a crime. It might be tempting to accept the plea to get everything over with quickly. However, you should avoid accepting the first plea bargain because it likely won’t be favorable. Be patient and give your lawyer time to negotiate a better deal. If you can’t reach a favorable deal, it may be necessary to go to trial.
  • Listen to your lawyer’s advice. Your criminal lawyer has your best interests in mind, so you should take his or her advice seriously. For instance, your lawyer may advise you against talking about the details of your case with family members and friends. Also, if you have any questions or concerns about your case, do not hesitate to get in touch with your lawyer.
  • Make a good impression during court dates. If you are facing criminal charges, you will have to go to several court dates. Good impressions count, so be sure to dress appropriately and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

If you have a criminal charge against you, schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Sebastian, FL today. At Tuttle Law, P.A., our lawyers are ready to help you.