Lyft Accident Lawyer Vero Beach, FL

A Trusted Lyft Accident Lawyer in Vero Beach, FL

Lyft Accident Lawyer Vero Beach, FLOver the last decade or so, rideshare companies, like Lyft, have become the go-to method of transportation for a number of Americans. The service is convenient, affordable, and typically safe. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When they do, there can be many challenges that are specific to these cases. Due to the large company that Lyft is, as well as potential complications, you should retain a Lyft accident lawyer Vero Beach, FL for guidance and legal advice. 

If you or someone you know has been injured in a Lyft accident, please call Tuttle Law Injury Attorneys for a case review. You will learn more about whether or not compensation can be recovered. 

Understanding the Insurance Claims Process for Lyft Accidents

Rideshare drivers must carry their own auto insurance coverage. When an accident happens, and a Lyft car is involved, the individual’s insurance or company insurance will apply. A Lyft accident lawyer in Vero Beach, FL will need to review the circumstances of the case, and the applicable policies, to determine how you will be compensated. In general, the amount of coverage available will depend on the sustained injuries, as well as the status of the driver at the time of the accident. 

If the Lyft driver has a passenger or is logged into the App, and on the way to pick up a passenger, Lyfts’ insurance policy will typically cover any damages up to $1 million. This policy covers the driver, passengers, or other parties involved in an accident. 

If the Lyft driver is waiting for a ride request, the company’s policy may provide up to $50,000. 

If the Lyft driver is not using the App, and they are involved in an accident, their own policy will likely cover any damages – not Lyft’s. 

Available Compensation After a Lyft Accident

Following a collision, injured parties may be able to recover compensation from the at-fault party. Examples of compensation may include:

  • Past and future medical care, including hospital bills, doctor’s visits, medication, therapy, mobility equipment, deductibles, co-pays, out of pocket expenses, and more. 
  • Lost wages, if you are unable to work or have lost your job because of your injuries. 
  • Loss of earning potential, if you have been injured in a way that prevents you from working in the same position, or you lost the ability to enhance your career. 
  • Loss of consortium, or compensation for the loss of your companionship to a spouse or children. 
  • Any property that was damaged or destroyed in the accident. 
  • Pain and suffering, such as:
  • Emotional anguish
  • Physical distress
  • Humiliation or depression resulting from scarring or disfigurement

Let Tuttle Law Injury Attorney’s Help You

After an accident, you may question whether or not you need a Lyft accident lawyer Vero Beach, FL has to offer. Even if you are unsure, calling Tuttle Law Injury Attorneys may be a good idea. You have nothing to lose, and will almost certainly find guidance and direction during your call. To earn more, call a Lyft accident lawyer in Vero Beach, FL today.